Gmail : Email Scheduling Guide | Simple way to Set Deilvery Time

Scheduling an email is a need of an hour. Due to many reasons many businessmen, professionals, entrepreneurs, etc., deals with a number of people without physical limitations. They may be located in different time zones, which makes it quite difficult in managing workplace ethics and etiquette.

Sending an email at an odd hour presents you as an unprofessional or careless. Thus, to eliminate this problem most of the major companies launching features for scheduling emails. Gmail the most preferred email providers. Launched it schedule mail feature in the year the month of April 2019. Any Gmail user can access these services on mobile phones (android or ios) as well as on desktops.

Applying this feature in sending an email you can save yourself from the unnecessary burden of making time for sending emails. You can frame your emails whenever you get the time and leave it on scheduled mode to get delivered. If you want to send a scheduled text message by using your Gmail account. Then, you are in the right place.  In this article, we are going to explain to you in detail everything with respect to scheduling the emails of bs-to.

Steps for Scheduling emails:

By following these steps, you can schedule approximately 100 emails.

  • I) Start by login into your Gmail account and go to the Compose a new email option.
  • II) You will see a small triangle near the send button on your screen click on it.  In this triangle, you will select your pre-planned date and time.  After mentioning it click on send.

The same process goes with mobile phones also. The only difference is that in mobile phones for making changes in the date and time you need to click on the three dots which is present at the top of your screen on the right-hand side.

Rescheduling or checking scheduled mails:

If you want to reschedule your mails or want to check the scheduled time again.
Then go behind the following mentioned steps.

  • I) Open a web browser on your device.
    And go to the Gmail home page.
  • II) Open up your email account now go to the left of your screen, click on the scheduled option.
  • III) Choose the email in which you want to make alterations.
  • IV) Click on the cancel send option appearing at the right-hand side in the top right of your email.
  • V) Make your desired changes.
  • VI) Come at the left bottom of your mail account and here you will see an arrow faced downward click on it.
  • VII) After clicking it few more send options will appear before you.
  • VIII) Now, click on the Schedule send option and select your new date and time.

Canceling the scheduled mails:

Follow before the mentioned first three steps.

  • Then, choose the email to cancel.
  • And click on the Cancel send given at the top right of your email account.

When a scheduled email gets canceled it automatically goes into the draft folder.

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